The fourth meeting for the General Authority of the Arab Association of Academy Freedoms in Tunisia

The fourth meeting of the General Authority of the Arab Society for Academic Freedoms convened on October 15th, 2015 in Tunis, on the sidelines of the conference the “the independence of universities in the transition”.

The meeting reviewed the reality of the Association and its activities during the past two years. It also discussed and approved a work plan for the years 2016 and 2017, and at the conclusion of the meeting the General Authority elected members of the Executive Committee of the Arab Association of academic freedom, and they are: Prof. Dr. Amer Fayad and Dr. Shirzad An Najar (Iraq), Prof. Dr. Imhamed al-Maliki (Morocco), Dr.Nora Al Soyan (Saudi Arabia), Prof. Dr. Tayeb Mohammadayn (Sudan), Dr.Faiza Al Basha (Libya), Dr.Tharwat Abdel Aal (Egypt), Dr. Naif Jarrad (Palestine), Dr. Mustafa Kargali (Algeria), Dr.Tahir Ben Yahia and D. Nabila Hamza (Tunisia), Dr. Adel Shujaa (Yemen), Dr. Lour Abi Khalil (Lebanon), Dr.Haila Al-Mukaimi (Kuwait),Dr.Tomader Fateh(Syria), Dr. Mohammed Tarawneh, Dr.Lubna Bayouk, and Dr.Nizam Assaf (Jordan).

The General Authority assigned the Executive Committee to add members from other Arab countries not represented in the Executive Committee.

The General Authority of the Association also congratulated Prof. Dr. Shukri Al Mabkhot, the president of the University of Manouba, on winning the Booker Prize for the world novel, in addition to thanking him and the University, with its of scientific and administrative staff, for their considerable efforts in hosting and helping in the success of the Conference for “Independence of Universities in Transition: Tunisia model” in the University, wishing the University of Manouba, success and progress in serving the Tunisian society and state.

In the next day, on October 16th, 2016, the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association was held and discussed the distribution of tasks to its members in light of the plan of action for the next two years, and during the meeting Dr.Nidham Assaf, was elected president and Dr.Tahir Ben Yahia as vice president, and the Secretariat of the Association was formed to consist of the president, vice president, in addition to: Dr.Tharwat Abdel Aal (Egypt), Dr. Naif Jarrad (Palestine), Dr. Lour Abi Khalil (Lebanon), Dr.Haila Al-Mukaimi (Kuwait), Dr. Shirzad An Najar (Iraq) , and Dr. Mohammed Tarawneh and Dr.Lubna Bayouk (Jordan).

The Arab Society for Academic Freedom has established at the initiative of the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies(ACHRS) in 2008.

Tunisia,16 October 2015

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