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55 Network, Alliance and Organization for human rights from (13) Arab countries demand an international investigation of war crimes, aggression, and in Yemen

Human rights organizations in the Arab world call upon the Human Rights Council to investigate the human rights crimes and violations committed by the Saudi aggression in Yemen, which has been going on for 190 days.

These organizations are expressing support for the Dutch proposal seeking a resolution by this Council to form an international commission of inquiry to investigate war crimes and aggression committed in Yemen.

The undersigning organizations share with the Netherlands its deep concerns of the continuation of human rights violations in Yemen. Feeling the size of the great suffering of the Yemeni people, the Dutch and we welcome the draft resolution, which calls for the formation of an international investigation committee, hoping this project would be approved in your honorable Council.

The undersigned organizations have expressed in various ways about the concerns of human rights activists on the appointment of the Saudi ambassador at the head of the Committee of Experts of Human Rights Council, especially that Saudi Arabia’s record on human rights is bad and terrifying, what Saudi Arabia still practices various forms of systematic discrimination against citizens in law and in practical process and in particular towards the rights of women, immigrants and foreign workers, minorities and others.

Geneva, September 30th, 2015


The undersigned organizations:

1.Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights / Yemen

2.Yemen Organization for Defending Rights and Democratic Freedoms

3. Civil Alliance of peace and the protection of the rights and freedoms / Yemen

4.The legal status of the rights and development / Yemen

5.Network Yemeni women for peace and security

6.Adaleh Foundation for Human Rights / Yemen

7.Legal Center for Civil Rights / Yemen

8.International Human Rights Group / Yemen

9.Network national human child / Yemen

10. Visions Center for Electoral Studies /Yemen

11. Arab Association for Human Rights / Yemen

12.Ma’onah Association for Human Rights / Yemen

13. National Foundation for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings / Yemen.

14. Yemeni Coalition Against the Death Penalty

15. Lawyers Without Borders Organization / Yemen

16. Association Ma’ona for Human Rights and Immigration / Yemen

17. April 27 Organization for Rights and Freedoms / Yemen

18. Legal Awareness Organization / Yemen

19. Future Movement Organization / Yemen

20.Yemeni civil coalition to monitor crimes of aggression

21.Middle East Social Development / Yemen

22.Legal Foundation House / Yemen

23. The Arab Commission for Human Rights / France

24. The Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights

25.The Moroccan Association for Human Rights

26. Arab Women’s Association / Jordan

27. The Arabic Network for Human Rights Trainers

28. The Arab Coalition Against the Death Penalty

29. Damascus Center for Theoretical Studies and Civil Rights

30. Coordinating Body awareness of the issue and for national unity and the fight against slavery / Mauritania

31. National Network of Women / Mauritania

32. Mauritanian Association to support the associative work

33. Mauritanian Association for the promotion of rights

34. Media Center ‘SHAMS’ / Palestine

35. Federal Arab for Democracy

36. Coordinating Maghreb human rights organizations (including 26 human rights organizations from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia).

37. Iraqi Alliance to human rights organizations (include 54 human rights organization)

38. The Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights

39. Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture / Lebanon

40. rehabilitation and defending human rights( include 11 human rights organization)

41. Bahrain Forum for Human Rights

42. Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center / Palestine

43. International Centre to support the rights and freedoms / Egypt

44.Jordanian Coalition Against the Death Penalty

45. Jordan Network for Human Rights Trainers

46.International Centre for the support of a fair trial and human rights / Kuwait

47. Arab Women Media Center / Jordan

48. Pioneers Freedom of fairness and human rights organization/ Jordan

49.Amman forum Society for Human Rights

50.Alliance International Alliance for Defending Rights and Freedom/Paris

51. Amman Center for Human Rights Studies

52. Ugarit Centre for Human Rights Training / Syria

53. Babel Center for Human Rights and Civil Development / Iraq

54. Human Rights Organization in SyriaMAF

55. Lawyers for Justice / Yemen

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