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On Sunday the 19th of November, the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies was host to a group of twelve visitors from the UFGBG, the “Society of International Affairs Goteborg,” Sweden. (http://ufgbg.se/)

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The Group of twelve representatives, consisting of university students and staff, were part of the international political society of the Goteborg University. Pleased with their interest in the work carried out at the ACHRS, a short presentation was prepared and held by the international relations member Gerard Jong, on such topics like the basic rights of migrant workers, women’s rights, academic freedom, and the sociopolitical dimensions in Jordan, all areas on which the ACHRS carries out research and publishes regular reports. 

Finally, the group was received by dr. Nizam Assaf to engage in a discussion on the current political situation in Jordan, being encountered by an eager audience asking many questions concerning the stability and political structure existing in Jordan at this moment in time

The meeting, which lasted for around three hours in total, was part of a 5-day visit of the UFGBG to Amman, in which they held discussions not just with the ACHRS, but also with non-governmental organizations like Unicef and The Red Cross.

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