The Amman center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS) partecipated in the symposium entitled “Protecting the messenger-Challenges of media coverage in conflic zones

Particpants included representatives from several media outlets (Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN), non-governmental organizations,Univerities, the chairman of Arab Committee for Human Rights, the president of the International Federation of Journalists, the manager of the International Press Institute (IPI), the president of the Press Emblem Campaign “PEC” representative to the United Nation , the manager of Doha Center for Press Freedom, the General Segretary of the National Union of Journalists UK and Ireland, the MENA Program Coordinator of the Committee to protect Journalists, the representative of the International News Safety Institute (INSI), the head of Campaigns frontline defenders, the director of the Ethical Journalism Network and the representaive of the section for Freedom of expression , Comunication and Information of UNESCO.

People that attend the conference stressed the necessity to end impunity and implement the UN plan of action on safety of journalists and reaffirmed their belief that more cooperation in needed between media institutions, International organizations and governments to improve the saftey of journalists.

The recommendations of the symposium are:

  1. The immediate release ofall the journalits currently illegaly imprisoned, the cessation of all types of attack, intimidation and harassment of journalists, inlcuding frabicatedlegal cases that aim at silening those who strive to report the truth;
  2. The end of impunity by initiating investigations and legal cases that bring to justice those behind the killing of journalists;
  3. Respect for all United nations’ resoluntions realting to the protection of journalists, the full implemnetation of the UN Plano f Action on the Safety of Journalists spearheaded by UNESCO as well as support for the work of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion od Freedom of Opinion and expression and the regional special Mandates in this area;
  4. The introduction of legislation, by all goverments, that secures the safety of journalits and guarantees their right to freedom ofexpression and access to information
  5. A more active stand of the League of Arab States in the protection of human rights, including freedom of expression and journalists safety.

Participants also noted teh positive role carried out by media organizations in promoting a culture of freedom of expression and called for more co-operation between media organizations and fredom of expression and journalists support groups, with more training and commitment to improving their working conditions and eliminating the torea of media polarization.

As Amman Center for Human Rights Studies we strongly believe that a free press is fundamental to the restorantion of democracy and to the inclusion of disparate voices in public discourse, its preservation may be sought through constitutional or other legal protections.

Freedom of press is important to tolerate all points of views. The right of journalists to report freely is protected by International law and is reaffirmed by UN Security Council Resolution 1738.

We support the appeal of Al Jazeera to the United Nations to “ ensure that freedom of expression and freedom of press do not die in Egypt”.

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