We Gov! Final Seminar in Tunis

From the 22nd to the 25th of June a delegation of the Jordanian organisations involved in the implementation of the project “WeGov! Empowering MENA CSOs in policy making” participated in the project’s final seminar in Tunis.

The Jordanian delegation was formed of Dr. Nizam Assaf and Danny Casprini from ACHRS, respectively the director of the centre and one of the project officer for WeGov in Jordan, together with Sohib Rabana from ICC for Sustainable Development, Bady Suheal from Motivators for Training, Amal Shawahneh from Saba Hamlet and Sameeh Daoud from ENAR.

The final event for “WeGov!”, organised by GVC in the form of a roundtable, took place at the Majestic Hotel in Tunis on the 23rd and 24th of June. These two days has been a good opportunity to meet the “WeGov!” partners from the other countries involved in the project (Tunisia, Libya and Palestine) and to share practices and experiences, but also to reinforce the network of MENA organisations working in the field of democracy and good governance.

The seminar was divided into four sessions, each of them of the duration of half a day. During the first session, after the opening speeches from Dr. Nabil Ben Nacef, EU representative to Tunisia, and Luca De Filicaia, regional director of GVC, Alessandro Bozzini, WeGov project coordinator, introduced the projects and its main achievements since the start of its implementation in 2015. Following this, Dr. Nizam Assaf and Wahib Hanani (Ma’an Development Centre), representing the two main implementation partners in Jordan and Palestine, gave speeches to introduce the main activities in their respective countries, highlighting good results, achievements and difficulties in the three-years implementation framework. Lastly during this part Mr Karim Ben Khala and Mr Mondeher Bousnina gave two presentations respectively in the topics of public governance and the role of the civil society at the local level. The two presentation were extremely useful in order to contextualise the projects and some of its outcomes.

2 7 2018

The second and third sessions were allocated for the 15 local projects that were implemented thanks to the support of the sub-granting mechanism of the project. These two sessions gave enough time to all the participants to give presentations about their organisations and the projects implemented, as well as reserving proper space for floor discussion were all the participants from could ask questions and make their evaluations on their peers’ projects. During the second session due space was left to Jamaity, the ICT partner of WeGov and host of the project’s online platform, to give a presentation on how use the platform at its best and how to do campaigning and advocacy through it.

The last session was reserved for the creation of a partners network among the participants in  “WeGov!”. The initiative was welcomed by all the participants who express their willing to have a common partnership in order to share experiences and good practices, but also to work together in the future and to build new projects and activities over the results achieved by “WeGov!”. All the participants present in Tunis signed a common declaration of intention towards the creation of the partners network and committed to work for its actual creation in the upcoming months. We warmly welcome this proposal and hope that it will be a first step towards the establishment of a strong coalition of CSOs working together in the field of democracy and good governance in the MENA region.

6 7 2018

Overall the seminar has been successful in reaching the objective of connecting project’s partners from different countries and in giving a forum for them to share their experience in working for the achievements of the objectives of “WeGov!”. Thanks to the highly professional moderators chosen by the organisers for the different sessions, all the debate and discussion rounds took place in a climate of mutual respect and sincere cooperation among the participants. We acknowledge the great results achieved in the three years project and we hope that the outcome of this seminar will have a great impact for all the organisation that participated in it.

5 7 2018

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