The Human Right Association concluded its international conference by adopting the UAE declaration to combat racism, extremism, and hate crimes, and establishing a regional union to combat such crimes and founding committee for regional alliance

The HRA ended its international conference, titled “The role and responsibility of the civil society in combating racism and hate crimes”  end its work with the recommendations and “ UAE declaration of eliminating all forms of intolerance and discrimination and incitement of national, racial or religious hatred, as follows. And founding committee on “Regional Alliance for combat intolerance and hatred” 

This conference was organized by the Emirates human rights Association held in Dubai (6-7/2/2017), with participation of selected representatives of civil society organizations in the Arab States, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Amman center for human rights studies (ACHRS) participated in the conference with a working paper presented by the ACHRS director Dr. Nizam Assaf entitled:” impact of intolerance and hatred on human rights and freedoms”.

The Conference concluded by adopting the founding committee of the Regional coalition to combat extremism and intolerance and incitement to racial hatred”, following their names:

1. Mr.Mohamed Salem Al-Kaabi, chairman of the Board Council of the Emirates Human Rights Association.

2. Dr. Nizam Assaf, Director of the Amman center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS0.

3. Dr. Hafez Abu Se’da, Board Chairman of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.

4. Dr. Sunni Sayari, Association for the defense of Human Rights – Tunisia.

5> Dr. Omar Rahal, the Director of the Human Rights & Democracy Media Center ‘SHAMS’.

6. Mr. Murad Agarati, President of the Foundation for the Empowerment of development – Yemen.

To read the UAE declaration please click here

To read the recommendations please click here

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