Conclusion of the fourth training session For the participants in the fourth group in the Jordanian Institute for women leadership (JIWL)


Conclusion of the 4th training session for women participating in the Jordanian Institute for Woman Leaders Project (JIWL)

The fourth training session for participants of the Jordanian Institute for women leaders project (JIWL) conducted by the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies was concluded with the participation of 15 women from various Jordanian governorates and three Arab countries, namely Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. The two-days training regarded the feminist movement history. The first day of training focused on the basic concepts of the topic with a lecture on the history of Western feminism, feminist theories and thought and on the concept of women in the Arab culture in comparison with feminist point of view. The reality of women in the Arab world was then analysed with related reading keys. The second day introduced the social and legal achievements resulting from feminism. Participant had then the occasion to familiarize with the relevant legal framework thus knowing about national legislation and international treaties. Since 2010, ACHRS carried out successfully the Jordanian Woman Leaders Project in cooperation with Finn Church Aid (FCA). Thanks to this action, during the last three years, 33 women coming from different areas of Jordan as well as from various Arab countries have been trained and empowered and eventually graduated.


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