ACHRS organized educational workshop tour for the fifth BAQA females’ junior high school.

(ACHRS)  organized educational workshop for the fifth BAQA females’ junior high school on Monday, November 1. Students were the audience and guests of workshop in education in human rights issues. Center director Dr. Nizam Assaf reviews the principles and concepts of human rights, its origins, evolution, and talk about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the requirements formulated and shape of the value of human rights and ethical for the international community.

 During the session many topics been cleared and talked about such as the rights contained in each of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Questions had been addressed and answered from the Director of the center about activation of the international agreements of the human rights and materials contained therein in the Arab and the local Jordanian society.

In the end of the workshop the center thanks the approximately fifty students who participated in the workshop and Shaw high motivation and interest in human right knowledge and concepts.

The workshop comes in the context of the center activities, aiming to contribute to the promotion of human rights and to develop awareness that serve human rights culture in particular and the community in general.

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