Discussion round on the proposed Social Security Bill

On International Labor Day and at the invitation of the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies [ACHRS], a round of discussion was held at the ACHRS hall on the Jordanian Labor Law and the proposed Social Security bill in which elite Jordanian labor trade unionists and the Labor Education Committee at the ACHRS participated.

Labor Unionist Activists Mahmud Amin El Hiyari, member of the Administrative Commission of the Electricity Workers Union and Secretary of the Jordanian Social Forum on Anti Globalization, submitted a study on the proposed social security bill, which consisted of a comparative analytical discussion of a series of articles and provisions of the Jordanian Labor Law and the proposed Social Security bill.

The lecturer pointed out that at a time when we were, as workers and subscribers to the Social Security, waiting for the introduction of the positive amendments to this law, the amendments that were suggested were disappointing and have in fact undercut the rights that have already been gained. Things have reached the point of revoking rights that have been gained by virtue of the Jordanian Labor Law number 8 of 1996 and its amendments, such as the maternity leave and arbitrary separation and the compensation paid for this separation.

The lecturer pointed out that these suggested amendments have hurt the workers, their savings and their hope to live under social assurance and the protection of their old age and life. In fact, the proposed pension figures could make them needy and this would encourage the workers not to participate in the social security system in view of its low benefits and insurances, thereby, making subscription with insurance companies more viable and more useful.

The participants discussed the provisions and articles which hurt the lives of workers and their future ramifications on the circumstances of their lives, families and health conditions.

The participants also discussed the proposals and recommendations made by the study submitted by Mahmud El Hiyari and agreed to hold periodic sessions to discuss these subjects and come out with recommendations and proposals that can guarantee the rights and interests of the labor segments, including men and women, on the various levels and in the various fields.

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