ACHRS & Petra – The role of the media in strengthening human rights


The Amman Center for Human Rights Studies [ACHRS] in cooperation with  the Jordanian News Agency [Petra] held at Petra Training Center a specialized training workshop entitled: "the role of the media in strengthening human rights." The workshop was held at the Training Center of the Jordanian News Agency [Petra].

The workshop sought to acquaint the Petra media personnel with the concepts of human rights and the role of these personnel in the protection of these rights. The workshop also sought to enhance the technical and scientific skills and competence of the Petra personnel in the field of integrating human rights with their news work.

During the two-day workshop, the participants discussed the sources, systems and criteria of human rights, the right to the freedom of opinion and expression, with emphasis on the role of the media workers in influencing the national legislation for the purpose of guaranteeing the protection of this right. The participants also discussed the mechanisms of protection and defense of newsmen and media workers.

Assistant Director General of the Jordanian News Agency, Petra, for Press Affairs, colleague Hamid El Abbadi, said the following at the opening of the workshop: Jordan is one of the pioneering countries that have endorsed the international conventions on the protection of human rights and integrated these conventions into their national legislation.

He added: The Jordanian News Agency, Petra, asserts the importance of maintaining contacts with the various civil society organizations. The aim of this workshop is to enhance the skills of Petra personnel in the field of human rights in a manner that would reflect on the state of human rights in general.

In remarks he made at the opening of the workshop, Director General of the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies [ACHRS], Dr Nizam Assaf, said the following: the workshop was held out of the belief in the role of the ACHRS and its mission in disseminating the culture of human rights in the ranks of Jordanian citizens of all sectors, particularly the journalists and media personnel.

Dr. Assaf pointed out that the ACHRS has held 14 specialized training sessions on human rights. A total of 300 Jordanian and other Arab media personnel and journalists benefited from these training sessions.

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