Why Repatriation Matters

Considering law, security, and ethical arguments in favour of repatriation of European Da’esh Militants

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The Amman Centre for Human Rights (ACHRS) stands firmly opposed to the use of the death penalty in any situation imaginable. It is for this reason that this report focuses on European states as, some of them, can be perceived as bastions in the fight to eradicate the death penalty worldwide considering they have banned this form of punishment in their own country and often plead to the international community to follow their lead. ACHRS considers it to be of great importance that these countries show their determination and conviction in opposing the death penalty as such steadfastness would set an example to the rest of the world. In that line of thinking, the cases of European Da’esh1 fighters that hold the nationality of one of the abovementioned states, regardless of any possible dual nationality, act as a critical challenge to the beliefs and principles of those states regarding the application of the death penalty as a viable judicial punishment.

Why Repatriation Matters ACHRS Research Report Alexander Royall 3

Feature image by Bill Abbot.

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