ACHRS Published a book entitled: Political dialogue between Civil Society and the Parliament

This book includes in his books the outputs of the project “Supporting Political Dialogue between Civil Society and the Jordanian Parliament”, which was implemented by the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS) with the kind support of the United Nations Democracy Fund. The implementation of the project continued from 1/2/2019 until 31/1/2020.

The project started by meeting His Excellency Eng. Atef Al-Tarawneh, Speaker of the House of Representatives , to brief him on the project and obtain his approval to sponsor his main activities,. Followed by  meeting with Mr.Firas AL Odwan ,the general secretary of the House of Representatives

Seven sessions were held with students from the universities in the north, center, and south to introduce them to the four project titles, namely the right to life, media freedoms, academic freedom, and women’s rights. 100 students were chosen for a study visit to Parliament, after which 25 students were chosen to participate in the student writing competition in these four titles. Also, 17 male and female students were selected and upon their request who were not chosen in the above-mentioned competition, despite the absence of this activity within the project.

Numerous interactive sessions were held on the topics such as the right to life and the academic freedoms.

The ACHRS held, under the patronage of the President of the House of Representatives, four dialogue sessions for deputies in the Dead Sea, and four round tables for deputies, civil society, and academia, held in Amman. The book includes worksheets and recommendations for these eight sessions.

The project concluded with a closing ceremony in which the project outputs were presented, and a number of deputies and civil society organizations were honored for their distinguished work in the field of human rights, and prizes and certificates were distributed to the winners of the competition and graduates of the first batch of youth leaders for Jordanian university students.

Finally, we extend our sincere thanks to His Excellency Eng. Atef Al-Tarawneh, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to Dr. Nassar Al-Qaisi, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and to all the representatives and notables who contributed with us to the success of this project. We also thank all participants from civil society and the academic community, including experts, trainers, lecturers and students of Jordanian universities for their role in making this project a success.

We hope this book will help all those who interesting on delivering the Jordanian legislations according to International legitimacy on Human Rights.

Finally, I extend my sincere thanks to the United Nations Democracy Fund for their support to the Center in implementing this pilot project.

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