ACHRS Condemns U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

for Reversing the U.S.’ Stance on Israeli Settlements in the Occupied West Bank

The second meeting of the Executive Committee of the Jordanian Coalition Against the Death Penalty was held on Saturday 30/11/2019 at the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies.

The meeting discussed a set of legal provisions of the Jordanian Penal Code that can be given priority in the work to abolish or amend the recent legislative amendments regarding the Organization of Justice Laws, specifically the Military Penal Code and the Prevention of Terrorism Law. The discussion focused on the importance of justice, freedom and equality when it comes to such laws. It also emphasized the importance of maintaining security, order, stability, and harmony in line with relevant international conventions.

All parties at the meeting agreed to work on drafting a detailed memorandum on the legal articles regarding the death penalty with the aim to limit the death penalty to the most serious crimes or completely abolish it.

The meeting also recommended strengthening the existing partnership between the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies, the National Center for Human Rights, and the Government Coordinator for Human Rights. The three organizations will adopt a joint proposal and hand it over to relevant authorities.

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