Call for Proposal for the creation of a 12 months calendar on the themes of Good Governance

In the context of the WE GOV! Project

the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS)  invites all women graduated from the Jordanian Institute for Women Leaders (JIWL) to participate in a

Call for Proposal for the creation of a 12 months calendar on the themes of

Good Governance


“We Gov!” is an on-going project on good governance funded by the European Union and implemented in Jordan by ACHRS in partnership with the lead applicant GVC. The project target four countries in the Middle East and North Africa (Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan and Libya) and aims at bringing awareness on the themes of good governance enhance participation in decision-making and foster monitoring activities over national authorities to have more accountability.

Requirements for participation

ACHRS will accept all the proposals that comply with the following requirements:

  • Proposals must be submitted by women graduated from the JIWL project. Both individual and group submissions will be accepted.
  • The general theme for the proposal is good governance. All applicants are encouraged to focus on specific aspects of good governance and transparency; however submissions that do not comply with the theme will be rejected.
  • The object of the proposal is a 12 months calendar. All participants are required to send 12 pictures correlated with a short sentence, phrase or description that will result in a suggestion to enhance good governance and transparency. The form is free, however to be eligible proposals must be complete (12 months).

Proposals that do not comply with one or all of the requirements will be automatically rejected.

Deadline for participation and submit of proposals

The deadline for sending proposals is Wednesday, December 20th, at 16:00 (Amman time). All submission received after that date will not be accepted.

All proposals must be sent to ACHRS preferably via email at the address If the participants are unable to send the proposals via email can send it per post at the Amman Center For Human Rights Studies, P.O. Box: 212542, AMMAN 11121; or deliver it personally to ACHRS in Al Abdali, Al Sharaf Complex, Umayah Bin Abd Shams, Amman.

Selection of the winner and award

The winning proposal will be selected by ACHRS on the basis of the coherence with the theme, the specificities of the focus topic in relation with the general theme, the originality of the proposal and its graphic design. The selected proposal will be printed and distributed in different occasions throughout the advocacy campaign in January and February 2018.

The winning participant(s) will be notified by ACHRS via email or phone and will be awarded with a price of 500,00€ (420JD).

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