Joint Statements

Urgent Appeal to the Entire World:

 To international and humanitarian organizations worldwide: To all believers in freedom in the entire world: This is an urgent appeal to draw your attention to the fact that Yemen is

under continuous airstrikes by various types of weapons, missiles and bombs targeting civilians, women, children and elderly. Yemen is facing a genocide. Today’s aggression targeted Mount Attan, which resulted in a very large explosion that shook the entire city of Sana’a. This attack killed more and injured hundreds of people , most of the injuries are very serious. Besides, there are many cases of miscarriage as a result of terror and fear. The massive explosion resulted also in destruction of hundreds of public and private buildings – dozens of them were totally destroyed. Saada is also suffering from mass destruction as the airstrikes targeted civilians, shops, petroleum stations, electrical stations and government buildings. Yemen is under siege for more than twenty-five days; it includes air, land and sea. We cannot receive medication, food or oil derivatives. Yemen has had no electricity for more than 7 days in all 22 governorates due to targeting power stations which led into disastrous situations in hospitals. Due to severe shortage of oil derivatives, life has almost stopped completely. More than twenty-five million Yemeni citizens are exposed to death, hunger and diseases because of aggression of KSA and its coalition on the Yemeni people.

 Issued by the Yemeni Center for Human Rights Monday, 20 April 2015

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