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Saudi led-coalition on Fourth Day of Aggressions in Yemen

Taiz Governate 

Thursday 23/4/2015 

The 35th military brigade and the specials forces camps were targeted by several air raids which led to the severe destruction of neighboring civilians houses.

Friday 24/4/2015 

Al-Rakb village in Al-Taizih community was targeted by air raids which were the cause of the death of 8 people and the injury of over 10 people.

Hajah Governate 

Thursday 23/4/2015

Hajah govern ate was targeted with several light bombs in Media area.

Saturday 25/4/2015

Harad city was hit with several air strikes which led to the death of 2 and the severe injury of 9 others.

Ibb Governate

Thursday 23/4/2015

1. Vocational institutes were targeted in School city.

2. Community college in Yareem city was targeted.

3. High institute was targeted.

4. Al-Safwah military base in Al-Qafer was targeted which led to the death of a civilian.

Aden Governate

Thursday 23/4/2015

1. Kour Makssar was hit by 3 air raids.

2. Al-Omaal peninsula was targetted more than once during the day.

Al-Hodaida Governate

Thursday 23/4/2015

The Saudi led air coalition targeted both the airport and the coastal defense camp with six air strikes.

Al-Dhalee Governate

Thursday 23/4/2015 

Al-Wabh school, Al-Jalilah school and the city sport center were hit.

Friday 24/4/2015

1. Damt city was hit by air strikes resulting in the death of 4 citizens and 2 wounded.

2. The historical (Dar Al-Hassan) was hit in Damt city.

Sa’ada Governate

Thursday 23/4/2015

1. Al-Thaher directorate was hit by 3 missiles.

2. The Menzallah, Aleeh, Al-Sabbah and Al-Marwee border areas were hit.

Friday 24/4/2015

1.Border areas of Leeah, Al-Sabbah and Al-Marwee were continuously hit by artillery and rockets.

2. Katafa at Manbah directorate was targeted by air strikes.

Shabwa Governate

Thursday 23/4/2015

Hareeb Bayhaan area was targeted.

Lahj Governate

Friday 24/4/2015

1. Al-Hoodah was hit by 3 air strikes.

2. Both the technical institute and the city court were targeted at Al-Hoodah city.

Mareb Governate

Friday 24/4/2015 

1. All the roads and local markets at Surwah city were targeted by 4 air raids.

Abyan Governate

Friday 24/4/2015

1. 5 air raids were targeting both Shaqra triangle and Zanjubar triangle next to Zanjubar sport center

2. Air raids targeting Al-a’een area

All of these violations, aggression and destruction is down under a total air, land and sea blockade.

The Saudi led coalition prevented an Iranian airplane carrying humanitarian emergency aid and food supplies landing at Sana’a International Airport.

Issued at The Yemen Center for Human Rights.

Saturday, 25/4/2015

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