Celebration of International Human Rights Day

ACHRS, in cooperation with the All-Jordan Youth Commission (AJYC), celebrated the 74th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The celebration took place on the 8th of December at the Zaha Cultural Center in Amman, under the patronage of H.E. Musa Al Maaytah – Chairman of the Independent Election Commission (Jordan). In addition, the Centre used these celebrations to honour the graduates of the 2022 ACHRS Young Leaders Programme.

Other invited participants at the event were Mr.Abdel Raheem AL Zawahreh, General Director of All Jordan Youth Commission (AJYC), Dr. Lubna Bayouq, Member of ACHRS’ Scientific Council, Mr. Dominik Bartsch/ The United Nations Resident Coordinator a.i in Jordan, H.E Maria Hadjitheodosiou/ Ambassador/ Head of the European Union Delegation in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mrs.Asia Yaghi, the member of the Senate, and vice President of the Jordan Network for Human Rights (JNHR).

The ceremony presented a short video presentation of the centre’s achievements since its foundation in 2000 and the swearing-in of the Amman Center for Youth Leaders by the graduates.

In honour of the graduate, Bayan AL Daaja, one of the participants of the Youth programme, was invited to give a speech on behalf of her colleagues. Here is a small part from her speech:

At the Centre, we learned to extract solutions from reality, apply them creatively and propose them to decision-makers, work in the spirit of social justice and unite in the service of the people and the state. The Centre worked to strengthen the presence of women in society and empower them politically and economically, and supported and motivated youth participation in political and development work. The Centre also endeavoured to empower us, the youth, in our fields and ensure that we are able to transform ourselves to a better reality and stand as decision makers for various decision-making positions in society and the state and believe in partisan work and their participation in elected governments, and it enlightened and taught us to deal with the obstacles we face during our participation in public work, especially political participation. The Centre has helped to improve our culture and our scientific stock, and has opened wide horizons for us to reflect on: Where are we, what do we want, where do we want to go, and how can we achieve this?

She continued thanking the centre, the doctors and the trainers that embraced herself and her colleagues during the past days and months. To read the full speech, see below.

The ceremony ended with the presentation of certificates to the graduates and honours to the awardees (the speakers at the ceremony, the trainers of the Youth Leadership Programme and Issa Abu Hammad who kindly made a video of the ceremony for free).


To read the speeches, please click the links:

74th Celebration For UDHR Agenda

Speech by Abdulrahim AL Zawahrehgeneral (Director of AJYC)

Speech by Dr.-Lubna-Bayouq (Member of the scientific council of ACHRS)

Speech of H.E Dominik Bartsch (The UN Resident Coordinator in Jordan)

Speech of H.E Mrs. Maria Hadjithioudosieu (Ambassador of the European Commemoration of the 74 anniversary UN-HR-Declaration)

Speech by Mrs. Asia Yaghi (The member of the Senate and vice President of the Jordan Network for Human Rights)

Speech by Bayan AL Daaja (Graduate from the Youth Leadership Program)


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