A new wave of repression strikes Egypt, this time women are at the frontline

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The current regime in Egypt has embarked on a campaign of stifling political activism and dissent domestically. Countless individuals have been arrested, tortured, imprisoned and executed since al-Sisi’s rise to power. The judicial system is corrupt and it charges defendants on the basis of vague laws. These human rights violations that are routinely perpetrated by the regime have horrified international media and human rights organisations. While the world watched with enthusiasm Egyptians’ call for democracy and freedom in 2011 and Mubarak’s subsequent fall, human rights activists are very pessimistic of the current situation. Indeed, many have argued that the level of repression Egypt is currently witnessing tops that of Mubarak’s regime.

ACHRS Research Report A New Wave Of Repression Strikes Egypt, This Time Women Are At The Frontline

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