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Statement about the « Middle East peace plan » for Palestine and Israel

« Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People », also known as the Trump peace plan, was officially announced on the 28th of January 2020. This is not only another injustice made to the Palestinian people, but also a potential dangerous international precedent.

 Adding to the absence of Palestinian representatives in the elaboration of this document, the plan allows Israel to have sovereignty over the West Bank’s settlements and the Jordan Valley, preserves Israeli control over East Jerusalem almost entirely and imposes an even more important land loss than ever before on the Palestinians. The plan also prescribes that Abu Dis, a small city in the outskirts of Jerusalem, would become the Palestinian capital.

This could represent a very serious setback on the international law’s principles which have always considered these colonies and occupation in Palestine as illegal. The UN expert Michael Lynk already qualified this plan as “lopsided […] entirely in favor of one side to the conflict”. This is indeed the most generous option that has ever been presented to an Israeli government. That is why we now call for the United Nations to officially acknowledge the unfairness and legal invalidity of the plan.

 ACHRS stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people who has been fighting for its right to sovereignty for more than 70 years now and we condemn unconditionally the Trump plan as it is not only bound to fail but also to trigger another war. Palestinians will never accept such conditions for peace as these proposals do not even respect their minimal rights to enjoy their due freedom.

Confrontations already took place in Hebron this week and several Palestinian inhabitants of the city were arrested. Firing live ammunition and rubber bullets were used to disperse the demonstrations. The international community must condemn this plan and take quick measures to compel Israel to stop this disproportionate violence. Illegal colonization and occupation will never be the ground for long-term peace.

Peace without justice is nothing more than a mirage. That is why the ACHRS deeply hopes that one day, Palestinians will obtain a fair response to their claims, ensuring more stability not only to their own country, but also in the entire region.

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