Dialogue with the student parliament in school on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Within the framework of the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies program to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Center organized a dialogue with the Student Parliament on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Wednesday, 5/12/2018 in the school hall.

After the speech of the school director, teacher Amal Khawaja, explained the school’s programs by taking care of the human rights issues of all the students through organizing a number of activities. Dr.Nizam Assaf talked about the UDHR and explained the right to education, participation in the management of public affairs in society and the State, freedom of thought, opinion and expression, freedom of association, trade unions, peaceful parties and groups, freedom of peaceful assembly and political participation, including the right to be elected and elected through Free and fair elections and hold public posts in various state positions.

The dialogue included an activity presented by female parliamentarians on equality, the right to security and safety, including a presentation, discussion and caricatures.

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