ACHRS participates in a conference: Churches Witnessing With Migrants Ninth International Consultation

ACHRS is glad to be part of the conferences taking place in the next 2 days in Marrakesh organised by CWWM (

The aim of these meetings is to collect all the information regarding the issues concerning migration and to come up with practical solutions. These conferences have started before the intergovernmental conference to adopt the global compact for safe, orderly, and regular migration.

The IRU Coordinator Valeria Cristofoli is currently representing ACHRS. Yesterday, December 6 an exposure was organised and the coordinator had the opportunity to meet some migrants and refugees coming from the sub Saharan region who are currently in Marrakesh and she listened to their difficult and touching stories (why and how they escaped their countries and the racism they face daily in Morocco). Additionally, she participated to the distribution of food and blankets. 

Today, December 7 the conferences started in the morning and after a general round of introductions of all the participants a direct testimony from Nigeria talked about his personal story. Following presentations went on and experts on the Moroccan context concerning migration and about the global compact on migration took the floor. Other testimonies coming from southeast Asia talked about their personal experiences as domestic workers  and how they were physically abused and exploited. After having a view about the African and Asian context, a Latin American case was also highlighted and analysed by an activist from Ecuador who talked about the reason of the exodus from Latin America to the United States. 

An introduction on CWWM and its work was made by Liberato Bautista from UMS-GBCS. He ended the conference as a facilitator and invited all the participants to discuss about this years theme “What makes for an infrastructure of welcome and hospitality and advocacy and solidarity?”. 

We will keep you updated for tomorrow’s conferences as well and we invite you next week to read our report (with detailed information) that will be circulated at the end of the consultations.

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