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Amman Center for Human Rights Studies, a Jordanian non-profit organization that focuses on issues of human rights and democracy, would like to contribute to spreading the word about human trafficking and support the urgent need to eliminate it.


Given that today, the 30th of July, has been designated World Day against Trafficking in Persons by the United Nations General Assembly, Amman Center for Human Rights Studies condemns and denounces such atrocity and human rights violations. This kind of barbarity should no longer exist. This crime robs human beings of their freedom and their dignity.

We want to underline how a clear and comprehensive international law against human trafficking should be defined and consequently be completely and strictly adapted to national levels. Insufficient and ineffective measures have been taken by governments to tackle human trafficking.  Therefore, we urge state members to guarantee that these laws are respected. Additionally, strong and strict actions and measures should be taken into consideration in order to punish the perpetrators and eradicate such crime.

Moreover, more time and money should be spent in investigation. In-depth research in poor countries and where corruption levels are higher, especially in those regions with large numbers of refugees and migrant flows, should be conducted.  The most vulnerable people to trafficking are the ones who are more at risk, such as children, women, stateless people, and LGBTI individuals.

Unfortunately, little is known about this issue causing a lack of understanding among people in the world. Therefore prevention or protection of the victims remains difficult.

Further, awareness among victims and people in general should be raised. Potential victims or actual victims do not always know that their rights are being violated; therefore information about any kind of exploitation and about their rights should be given to them.

Oftentimes people who live their lives ordinarily do not always pay attention to what happens around them.  Human trafficking can occur in inconspicuous and unexpected places. Raising awareness of such crimes is the first step necessary towards change.

In conclusion, strict punishments on committing this crime should be implemented for perpetrators. Major work should be done in order to find these criminals, since they are mostly hidden people and play a great role in corruption in different countries. 

Therefore victims should be helped and delinquents convicted, but the most important thing right now is to prevent human trafficking and eradicate it completely.

Amman, 30 July 2018

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