Conference at Al-Bayt University entitled “Human Rights, Combating Intolerance and Incitement to Hate”

On the 69th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in cooperation with the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS), Al-Bayt University / Deanship of Student Affairs

held a conference on “Human Rights and Combating Intolerance and Incitement to Hate” on Tuesday, 26/12/2017. Dr. Omar Al-Atain, Dean of Student Affairs, spoke about the importance of fighting intolerance, hatred, violence, and extremism, particularly among students and youth. He also stressed the importance of raising awareness and educating democratic dialogue in discussing all social, economic, political aspects. On behalf of the ACHRS, attorney Raed Al-Athamneh welcomed the attendance of the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al-Bayt University in cooperation with the Center in organizing this conference, looking forward to further cooperation in the field of human rights promotion. The first session dealt with the impact of fanaticism and hatred on human rights and freedoms through a working paper presented by Dr. Abdulsalam Khawalda and students Asala Suelmin and Lajin Al Banna from Beit Hikma Institute, while the second paper was dealing with the United Nations strategy for the prevention of violent extremism presented by Dr. Nizam Assaf, Director of the ACHRS. The second session featured the role of the university in dealing with extremism and hatred presented by Dr. Qassem Al-Oun and the student Uday Anzaza from the Faculty of Law. The second paper was on religious discourse and its role in intolerance and hatred presented by Dr. Erwa Dweiri and student Abdullah Masoud Bani Khalid from the Faculty of Sharia. The sessions concluded with comments and inquiries provided by students of Beit Hikma Institute, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Sharia. The Amman Center for Human Rights Studies co-founded the “Civil Society Coalition to Combat Extremism, Intolerance and Hatred in the Arab Region”, which was initiated by the Emirates Human Rights Society on 23 May in Dubai.

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