Amman Center participate in the World Human Rights Forum Second cycle / Marrakech

Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS) participated in the the second session” of the World Human Rights Forum, in Marrakesh, which was attended by more than five thousand male and female participants. The attendees represented the core of civil society organizations interested in the world along with national institutions on human rights

The ACHRS representative Mr. Salim Aqbilat delivered a working paper, “Bets and Challenges Faced by the Laws of the Right” at a seminar on the right of access to information held in Marrakech on 11/29/2014.

The forum had many other participants. D. Frank Larue the Special Rapporteur of Freedom of Expression took part in this event by reviewing the positive right of access to information. The Canadian international expert Toby Mendel explained the quality requirements in the global model legislation regarding the right of access to information. The journalist, Mohamed Anona, head of the Freedom of Information and Expression Organization in Morocco ran the sessions, and the international expert Said Filali, and activist Fadel Ali from Palestine and journalist Farhan Saeed from Yemen all reviewed the national experiences of their countries.

The seminar led to the agreed formation of an Arab network aimed at protecting media freedoms and the right of access to information. Mr. Aoun from Morocco has been assigned to work on the completion of its founding in consultation with the organizations that have declared their willingness to join the network.

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