666 Civil society organizations from 13 Arab countries call upon the U.S. Congress and the French Parliament not to approve the aggression against Syria that violates international law

The undersigned human rights organizations expresses deep concern about the threat of military aggression on Syria by the senior executive departments in the United States and France, which are permanent members of the Security Council and which violate the Charter of the United Nations in advocacy and preparation of an act of aggression contrary to international law even if the national legislative authorities authorized it.

The undersigned organizations condemnation the use of chemical weapons in Syria, whoever used it, in Khan Al Assal (March 2013), in the East Gouta (August 2013) or any other place, and calls for the team of investigators of the United Nations to investigate further to reveal who used the chemical weapons and not let escape impunity.

It is striking that the U.S. government announced the results of the investigation in the use of chemical weapons before the start of the International Commission of Inquiry work, the undersigned organizations are more concerned of the continuous use of slander and fabrication to cover military aggression against independent states, similar to what happened before the invasion of North Vietnam in 1964, and the scandal of the Bay of Pigs in 1961 to launch aggression against Cuba, or the scandal of weapons of mass destruction as a pretext for military invasion of Iraq in 2003.We recall in this regard the decision of the International Court of Justice in 1986, which considered the support of the United States Administration to the armed anti-government opposition in Nicaragua a breach of international law.

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