Internships at the ACHRS

The ACHRS offers the opportunity for recently graduated students and young professionals to acquire professional experience through an internship in the International Relations Unit of the organization.

Interns’ responsibilities include making and maintaining relationships with other organizations and individuals, completing funding applications for ACHRS programs, organizing conferences and seminars for the center, recruiting new interns, and updating the English language website.

The Center is looking for motivated young individuals with a demonstrated commitment to human rights principles and the practical skills needed to contribute to the ACHRS in a variety of capacities.

Proficient English writing skills are essential, while knowledge of Arabic is an asset.

The candidate must have a degree relevant for the mission of the Center such as Nonprofit Administration, Human Rights, Law, Development Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Middle Eastern studies etc.

Interns are required to work for the Center for a minimum of four months, preferably five or six.

Rotation usually follows the pattern of September-February and February-July, however, the Center is flexible and the period of internship can be modified according to the needs of the center and the applicant.

The position is unpaid and the intern is responsible for his/her accommodation and expenses. To apply, please fill out the Internship Application Form, and send a copy of your CV to

*Sending in an English writing sample is highly advised to strengthen one’s application

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