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Question of Tolerance


Dr. Ibrahim Othman
Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Awwad
Dr. Suliman Sweiss
Dr. Nizam Barakat
Dr. Hisham Ghassib

Obaida Fares &
Manar Al- Rashwani



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 The need for tolerance has appeared in all ages of the history of the human societies. Although tolerance is a permanent demand of all the social groups and of every human being, the levels of expression of this demand and sensing the need for it have always been changing. The change depended on the economic ,social, political , legal, cultural , scientific , theoretical and philosophical development of the various human cultures and civilizations throughout the history of the human societies.
This book includes the facts about mini seminar held on the "Question of Tolerance" in which Iraqi intellectual Dr. Abd Al-Hussain Sha'ban made the main interventions and held dialogue with a distinguished elite of Jordanian intellectuals , scholars and researchers.

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