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Lectures on Human Rights Policies


Mr. Rolf Bodenmueller
Mr. Klas Gierow
Mr. Abdelbasset Ben Hassan
Dr. Marjanne de Kwaasteniet
Dr. Vincent T. Zulu
Mr. Al-Hashimi Jgham
Mrs. Deborah Chatsis

George Musleh,
Nadeen Sahouri,
Fotouh Younis



and Edited by

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 This book contains a series of lectures that had been delivered in Amman Center for Human Rights Studies within the Cultural Dialogue Program which is specialized in educating the members of the center's units aiming at introducing them to scopes and visions of others with regards to different Human Rights issues.

Five lectures are published in both Arabic and English languages, where several issues are discussed such as : "Introduction to the Swiss Political System: The Swiss Federation "delivered by the Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr. Rolf Bodenmueller. "The Dutch Human Rights Policy", " Sweden and Human Rights","Canadian Permanet Mission to the UN in Geneva", and "The World Summit on Sustainable Development".

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