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Studies on Human Rights Issues


Mr. Ala' Alawneh
Mr. Mohammad Ayesh
Mr. Obaida Fares
Ms. Buthayna Mahadeen
Mr. Imad Abahrah

George Musleh,
Nadeen Sahouri,
Fotouh Younis



and Edited by

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This book contains the five researches that won in the first essay contest on Human Rights for young researchers, both in Arabic and English.

Chapter 1 includes the essay that is awarded the first prize which is " The Rights of the Palestinian Refugees in Jordan – Citizens or Refugees ". chapter two, second succeeded research : " The Right of the Child to Education – a case study of Jordan ".

Chapter 3, third succeeded research: "Jordanian press and publication Laws and the Degree of their Consistence with the International Criteria on Human Rights".

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