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A book titled: Contemporary Arab-Iraqi Violence

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Amman Center for Human Rights Studies has published a book titled Contemporary Arab-Iraqi Violence – A Primary Sociopolitical Study in Violence’s Causes, Forms, Functions, and Ways of its Reduction by Dr. Abud Al-Salam Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi.

The book tackled the essence of violence and its nature, its interconnected, overlapping causes related to underdevelopment and dependency, the absence of wisdom and retreat of knowledge, in addition to other psychological and social grounds.

Further, the book also dealt with social and behavioral transformations associated with the transition from an old society to a new one, the class variation, and the severe class contradictions. Also, it tackled issues like the unjust distribution of wealth and power, the gap amongst generations, and the declining role of the State’s social and developmental services and duties.

The book uncovered and demonstrated the State’s weakness after the Arab Spring in the transitional period and its democratic change, as well as the political isolation and polarization and the political unrest in which lots of Arab countries are going through. Such weakness was illustrated through the focus on the ideological factor, the forms and functions of violence, the criticism of the naïve comprehension of religion, and the means of releasing violence’s effects via social, cultural, political, and economic spheres.

Finally, the book focused on and pointed out the necessity of offering young people the opportunity and priority in public policy making and when taking political decisions.