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The Death Penalty in the Arab World 2011

The Death Penalty in the Arab World 2011


More than one year has passed since the launch of the so called Arab Spring, and its aftermaths on the region are still unclear. This feature might be clearly appreciated when considering the situation of human rights in the Arab World at the end of 2011 and, in particular, regarding the situation of the death penalty in these countries.

Arab revolts have brought a wider respect for human basic rights and democracy to an important number of Arabic countries; meanwhile in others these same aspirations are still being claimed by large groups of the civil society. Nevertheless, latest researches confirm that figures of people who are condemned to death penalty and therefore executed are still remarkable within the Arab World. Indeed, some of the Arabic countries whose governments were removed during 2011, such as Egypt, Tunisia or Yemen, have been applying the death penalty as a response to the perpetration of certain crimes, even though not in every countries the sentences are finally executed.

In the Middle East, executions were up almost 50 percent over last year for Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which accounted for 99 percent of all recorded regional executions. These records, however, do not include those executions carried out as a result of the internal conflicts which are taken place in countries such as Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen or Bahrain, where it is particularly difficult to gather adequate information on the actual use of the death penalty.

The Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS) is concerned of the situation in some Arabic countries where internal conflicts are taken place and calls for a wider and deeper respect on human rights and, in particular, to respect the right to life, as it states the article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person."

This annual report drafted by ACHRS aims to proportionate an analytical studio of the situation of the death penalty and capital punishment in the Arab World in 2011, and includes detailed information about the 21 countries which constitute the Arab World. It also contains tables and a conclusive reflection on the current state of capital punishment.

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